Application form for training program

?Application Form for Training Program


Contemplative Therapeutic Practice



All information is confidential.




Personal Details:? Full name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address.



Work history:? Give (brief) details of your work history.



Intention:? Write something about why you wish to attend the program.



Previous experience:? Give details of your experience of receiving psychotherapy, counselling, bodywork, or group work.



Spiritual practice:? Do you or have you had a particular spiritual practice?



Any psychiatric or medical history:? Please give details of any psychiatric treatment or medical conditions.



Support:? Please write something about what and who supports and nourishes you personally, physically, spiritually and professionally.



Is there anything particular happening in your life at present/recently that you?d like me to know about?



Previous talks etc:? Have you attended any of the previous talks/workshops on Core Process Psychotherapy?? If so, which.