Cherishing the Wound


You can order the book from Susan (£8 + postage) and Amazon. For the e-book, Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. See below regarding accompanying CD.

From the back cover:

Susan Groves exquisitely describes how we might approach the wound – our own and that of our culture/society. Let this book be part of your healing process.

Maybe when we’re closest to the wound, we’re also the closest to beauty. Perhaps the wound is the gift.

Responses to the book:

Reading Cherishing the Wound felt like a meditation.

Zubeida Jaffer, journalist and author of Love in a time of Treason, South Africa.

Your examples from Core Process Psychotherapy capture something very truly – it’s profundity and simplicity.

Sean Maloney, Core Process Psychotherapist, U.K.

Accompanying CD:

Cherishing the Wound has an accompanying CD of songs/chants available from me at £2 plus postage. If bought with the book it is £1. You can listen to it on soundcloud on the following link: Cherishing the Wound

Responses to the CD:

It speaks to the heart; it’s like a prayer.

Jean Albert, founder of the Jean Albert library, Cape Town.