Master Classes

Contemplative Therapeutic Practice

I will be offering 3 Saturday afternoon Master classes in the 2nd half of the year. These will be for people in the caring professions and those working in the development sector.

At each class I will give input into the Core Process Psychotherapy model, we will do some experiential work together and I will do a demonstration session.

Contemplative awareness and compassion in relationship is the foundation of Core Process as a psycho-spiritual psychotherapy.

Spirituality is viewed not as a set of beliefs but as an inner experiential enquiry.

Dates: 21 July, 8 September and 3 November.

Time: 230 5 p.m.

Venue: 17 Balmoral Road Plumstead (near Plumstead Pick n Pay)

Cost: R300

Booking: Contact Susan on 021-7616373 or You may also contact me on skype should you want to enquire: skype name susancgroves.

Susan Groves runs a private practice and offers training. She accredited at the Karuna Institute in Devon, England with an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy.