Master Class

The mindful practitioner

A Master Class with Susan Groves

?Open to all.


Core Process Psychotherapy offers a contemplative approach to relationship, to both oneself and others.? Its hallmark is the development of presence and awareness.? Qualities such as equanimity and compassion are brought into the relational field with the client.? Subtle experiences that arise within this relationship are carefully attended to.? There is emphasis on resourcing the practitioner so that they are able to feel centred and at ease, and to bring their attention into the present moment with the client.


It will include an introduction to the Core Process model, some experiential work and a demonstration session.

I am offering a weekday and a weekend opportunity for this.

Dates😕 Wednesday 13 May and ?Saturday 16 May.

Time😕 Both events run from 2.30 ? 5 p.m.

Venue😕 17 Balmoral Road Plumstead (near Plumstead Pick ?n Pay)

Cost: ?R200.

Booking:? All bookings and payment by Monday 11 May. ?Contact Susan on 021-7616373 or

Susan Groves runs a private practice and offers training and supervision.? She accredited at the Karuna Institute in Devon, England with an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy.? Susan?s first collection of writing, Pleasure-in-relating, was published by Modjaji in 2013.