Susan Groves Book Widget November 2014 (1)

from the back cover:
Pleasure-in-relating is Susan Groves’ first work, a culmination of many years of reflection. It spans her life in South Africa and time spent in England while weaving together her deep appreciation of the Buddhist and Christian traditions. Her training and experience in Core Process Psychotherapy is evident in her sensitivity to herself and those whose stories she shares. Her love for Africa serves as an undertone which is present throughout her collection.

Modjaji, Hands-on imprint 2013.  Available through me at £6.50 + postage and internationally through the Amazon.

An audio version of Susan reading the text is available from her at £3 + postage.



Your book is absolutely beautiful.  Funny, sensitive, quirky, insightful, spiritual and compelling.

Dr Lorraine Lawrence, educationalist, East London, South Africa.

I love the feel, tone and presentation of your writing – honest, though-provoking and very accessible.

Veronica Sperling, U.K.

In a few words you say so much, and so profoundly.  A gem.

Jen Goy, former editor of Thrive magazine, Cape Town South Africa.

I really like your sense of emptiness and how ‘one pointedly’ you keep to it, saying only the essentials.

Nic Paton, director of voxi choral group, Cape Town

Groves achieves an exquisite balance between words and silence.  It is a feeling akin to a tai chi artist’s slow and considered, yet light, sure-footedness …. She turns the words inside out for us to experience the innate silence within each, and in turn inspires deep listening.

Toni Stuart
Poetry Writer, Performer and Developer

This thin (86 pages) books contain 58 ‘poems’ that are wonderfully accessible and yet also thought provoking.

Mantis journal Autumn 2014