Presence in Relationship - COVER FrontFrom the back cover:

Susan Groves takes the respected form of Core Process Psychotherapy out of the therapy room and into everyday life. Always accessible to the reader, she suggests that Core Process can address the malaise in relationship which is so prevalent in the western world.

Core Process was an early pioneer of mindfulness practice …. Susan Groves is an experienced Core Process practitioner and her writing offers an unusually accessible insight into depth psychotherapy.

Sean Maloney, Core Process psychotherapist.

I have had the pleasure of editing your book. I found it hugely interesting and thought-provoking. The conversational style you have employed is delightful, ensuring that the reader really ‘gets’ sometimes quite complex issues. The flow works very well, ensuring a journey is embarked on by the reader. I found the reflections particularly engaging, enabling the reader to really embrace the concepts and put them into practice. It is an absolutely fabulous book.

Gil Harper, editor.

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Further commendations:

‘We write to let you know that Susan Groves has written the first explicitly core process psychotherapy book’, Karuna Institute, England.