Core Process Psychotherapy

I regard Core Process Psychotherapy as (apart from other things) a wonderful means of keeping current with your life. We often tend to overlook the so-called small things in our bodies or our heart/minds. But being with these more subtle areas in a gentle way can make all the difference in living a life of presence and alive-ness. In times of distress and sadness of course therapeutic work is also invaluable, but it neednt be only for these times. We all navigate different spaces all the time and all of these want to be known those we call good and those wed rather just went away! Exploring and honouring our human experience is a profound way of respecting ourselves.

Rates: R480 per hour


Life discernment

Many of us are experiencing a desire to explore ways of working that are more in accord with our deeper nature and that honour the planet at this time. These sessions are open but questions regarding life direction may be included. A monthly rhythm can be good for these meetings. It may include looking appreciatively at ones life and discerning where the areas are of aliveness and joy.

Also offered through skype.

Rates: between R280 and R480 per hour.


Creativity support

I have found that creativity definitely benefits from support. So I offer time and space to explore what is interesting you at the moment creatively which may be simply the question of how you live. We can do something creative together for part of the time if we want to playing with crayons, paint, with sounds, movement. You can bring work you would like to share. Ive found this gentle support/encouragement can make all the difference in ones creative life.

Also offered through skype.

R200 to start with.



Please note that I offer a free (shortened) initial session in each of these forms.
I am based in Cape Town South Africa but am able to offer life discernment and creativity support through skype.
I am now able to offer a space for people on retreat/creative breaks. See the tab headed quiet space.
The events tab will show you courses I have offered. I am open to offering these on request and may advertise them from time to time.