What I offer

Core Process Psychotherapy

flowers As Core Process Psychotherapy is my main approach, please Click here for more details.

Creativity support

I have found that creativity definitely benefits from support. So I offer time and space to explore what is interesting you at the moment creatively which may be simply the question of how you are living. We can do something creative together for part of the time if we want to – playing with crayons, paint, with sounds, movement. You can bring work you would like to share. I’ve found this gentle support/encouragement can make all the difference in one’s creative life.

Life discernment/appreciation

Many of us are experiencing a desire to explore ways of working that are more in accord with our deeper nature and that honour the planet at this time. These sessions are open but questions regarding life direction may be included. A monthly rhythm can be good for these meetings.

It may include looking appreciatively at ones life and discerning where the areas are of aliveness and joy.

Support for leaders of ngos and charities

I enjoy providing support for people heading up such organisations as this sector is often challenging and it is good practice for people in these leadership roles to have regular scheduled support.  This is best provided by someone outside of the organisation.

Support for those running groups

I am interested in the group process and what can happen when people meet together in a group.  I enjoy ‘tuning into’ a group, sensing where the process needs to be paused or the direction changed, and so on.  I can assist in running groups or can be a support to those running groups.  I am also happy to offer training or supervision/mentoring in this regard.

Support for practising artists and/or collaboration

I have an interest in word, image, body, performance, sound.  I would welcome supporting practicing artists and am open to invitations to collaborate.


I enjoy offering training and can do this individually or in groups.  Themes that could be addressed – and that I have offered previously – are Contemplative Therapeutic Practice and Living from the Body.  Please contact me for a more comprehensive list.


I can be approached to offer talks/opportunities for exploration on a variety of themes including contemporary spirituality, psychotherapy, embodiment.   Please contact me for a more comprehensive list or make your own request.