I was born and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. My initial training was in social work and thereafter I studied theology. I have extensive experience in the development sector. In 2001 I went to England to train in Core Process Psychotherapy, returning to Cape Town in June 2009.

I have been nourished by various spiritual traditions, notably Christianity and Buddhism.

I work with adults individually and in groups and offer training and supervision.

I believe passionately in the importance of support for people working in the NGO sector indeed, for any doing work of a demanding nature.

I am interested in cross-cultural work, and enquiry into how we bring awareness to how we live together as South Africans.

I am open to collaborating with others who work with similar intentions.

It is so helpful for each of us to find and draw from – things that nourish us in our lives. For me it is relationship and the work I do, the natural environment, music, movement and silence.