2 November 2023 1000-1200 Sign(sing)posts to joy

We will gather to remember joy.  Spiritual traditions encourage and enable rejoicing.  This is something we easily loose.  Let’s cultivate this together.

We will meet informally.  Please bring along paper and crayons, maybe things that can make sounds – things you might like to play with.

Our involvement in social justice work is ideally full of community and joy – this is what sustains us.

So come along.  We’ll meet without a fixed agenda and see what arises.  It’ll be a chance also to get in touch with your creativity and what really matters to you.

What might a life guided by joy look like?

Fee: £10

Booking:  Click here to register.  Booking will close at 1800 on 1 November.  Numbers will be limited to 12.  Please note this is a cameras-on event.

7 December 2023 1000-1200  Trauma and the white body.

This is a cameras on event for people who identify and are seen as white.

What is it to live in the white body?  What is our experience of this?  Might it be that we are holding the silence of generations regarding the perpetration of wrongs.  Please note that we will just be approaching the edge of this territory and be focussing on enquiring into how we can best do this work together.

This work is suited for those who feel in at least a somewhat resourced place at present.  You are invited to enrol if you feel you have capacity at present to notice what arises for you in the course of the workshop.  You are asked to commit to being present with your camera on for the whole of the event and have the intention of supporting yourself and others in the group.

The work is spiritually based.  It is regarded as a healing journey.  Creativity is included.  The approach is non-judgemental with people welcome wherever they are in this enquiry.

Fee:  £12.50

Booking: Please see this link for more information and to register.  Numbers will be limited to 22.  Booking will close at 1800 on 6 December.