Offering a steady presence to support your flourishing

I am increasingly drawn to a more experimental approach to my work/play.  What works?  How would one know that something works?  Just giving it a go – playfully – seems to me the way to go.music sheet for you will blossom

Susan Groves

Could meeting be an opportunity for appreciation, for blessing, for rest? A place where we can protect what we value.  And might this be beautiful for the human spirit? Learning to rest in joy is in itself such a worthwhile practice.

I have begun to prioritize creativity and justice-enquiry in my work.  I find that including creativity/play in the work is useful in many ways, and it certainly encourages embodiment.  See here for more on play/creativity.

It is a time when many are seeking inner and outer integrity and a desire to explore ways of working and being that are more in accord with our deeper nature and that honour the planet and social and economic justice.  This is a joyful enquiry.  See this link for further detail.

For my approach to psychotherapy please see here.flowering

I am based in Birmingham in the U.K and am currently working face-to-face and online.  A shortened introductory session is free.

I am a member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy, the
Association of Core Process PsychotherapistsPsychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility and The Body Psychotherapy Network.

My qualifications are MA Core Process Psychotherapy, MTheology, BA/BSocSc (social work).

I hope to be part of building a joyful, just and sustainable world. We need each other in this.  I offer my work in a spirit of collaboration as we find our way together.

I think what good psychotherapy does is help to bring you into wild mind.

Natalie Goldberg, Wild Mind Shambhala Sun May 1998