White people talking

A colleague Jassy Denison and I have recorded 4 conversations – each around 10 minutes – which we call white people talking: the conversations. We’ve enjoyed doing it and hope you might enjoy it too.

Conversation 1

You can listen to the 1st conversation to get a sense of whether you might like to buy the package.  There is an accompanying accessible study leaflet.  Here is an introduction to it.

We have decided to make a small charge as a way of encouraging a commitment to really working/playing with the material.  You can buy it through emailing me.  We suggest you go through the material with a friend.

The cost is £5.  (R50 in South Africa.) 10% of all proceeds will go to the charity Music in Detention.

Payment is by PayPal or contact me for bank details.  On payment, you will receive the folder by WeTransfer.  It’s very straightforward.

Should you want a consultation with Jassy or me, we offer this for £35-£50 (R350-500).


Susan brings a hesitancy to her work which is helpful.  It isn’t over-researched nor does she over-theorize in her presentation.  I’m left with a sense of my own responsibility and this is empowering.  She exudes trust in the listener.

HD volunteer mentor Prince’s Trust