Core Process Psychotherapy

Core Process Psychotherapy

Core Process is a beautiful way of meeting with another. It holds a spaciousness within which meaningful contact can occur. It is an opportunity to acknowledge, respect and rejoice in one’s life experiences. It holds a certain mutuality and has the nature of a joint enquiry. The whole person is welcome – body, soul, mind and heart.

The work can look very ordinary and this is part of its beauty – two human beings simply being human beings together.

I find that including creativity/play in the work is useful in many ways, and it certainly encourages embodiment.

It feels like a time when many of us are seeking inner and outer integrity.  I welcome working with people who are interested in bringing justice and ethical considerations into their work and their lives.  This is a joyful enquiry.

The work is really I suppose about being present,  alive and in relationship.  My article “A quiet centre” will give you more a sense of what the work may look like, as will my book Presence in Relationship: Offering Core Process Psychotherapy.

For more on Core Process Psychotherapy please see Association of Core Process Psychotherapists. On the Karuna Institute website you can view a short video on Core Process.